2 thoughts on “#HerStory 2: Elizabeth Cady Stanton by Lisa Maatz

  1. In selecting Elizabeth Cady-Stanton, Lisa has made a great choice for the “Chick History” project. I spent 2011 educating myself on the 19th century women who led the revolution for women's rights. I've been to Seneca Falls, read the books, visited the places where they lived, examined the art work in the Portrait Gallery in D.C. Elizabeth, Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott, Margaret Fuller, et. al. of that era have a lot to teach modern-day women and others. The sad part is that U.S. history books do not adequately (if at all) address their accomplishments so that school children, teens, and adults in the USA miss learning an important part of their own history. We have to be self-motivated to track down this history which is why we need the National Women's History Museum in D.C. so that women will be properly recognized. I'm all for writing women back into history now!


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