2 thoughts on “#HerStory 5: Evelyn Nesbit by Maegan Carberry

  1. Your podcasts re doing serious damage to my book budget πŸ™‚ I really enjoy them. I think it's interesting how a particular woman will capture our imagination. Evelyn sounds like a woman of her time, and yet as Maegan mentioned many of the same undercurrents or attitudes still exist today for women to wrestle with. Thanks again for doing what you do!
    Susan Ozmore


  2. Hi Susan – I loved this episode too. After it came out, if you remember, Whitney Houston passed away and I couldn't stop thinking about both of them. And now, Whitney's daughter wants to get into show business too and all I can do is think about Evelyn and what we should learn from her and what we should be teaching our young girls.

    Thanks for commenting, as always!


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