#HerStory 16: Mary Pickford by Eloise Batic

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3 thoughts on “#HerStory 16: Mary Pickford by Eloise Batic

  1. I'm so glad Eloise chose to speak about Mary Pickford. There are some inaccuracies in dates, i.e.. Mary was 14 or 15 when she first went to New York to meet David Belasco, but the essence of the story is correct. What does come through is how Mary was a woman that created her own destiny through her own hard work and determination. Also after Mary retires from screen acting, she did not become a recluse – she continued to be a very active, hands on producer well into the 1950's. She also focused much of her energies on her charitable work – the creation of The Motion Picture Television Fund retirement home. She also created her own foundation that still exists today.
    Unfortunately, since her death, no other woman has served on the board of her foundation. Mary's legacy is entrusted to these three men and is in danger of no longer being “herstory” but “his-story.” I believe Mary's example is a powerful teaching tool for girls today, which is why I share it with the youth I teach filmmaking to in The Mary Pickford Institute for Film Education's Mobile Film Classroom. If you'd like to learn more about Mary Pickford, the recommend Eileen Whitfield book is great and you can also go to http://www.marypickford.com. For those in the LA area, we will be host a birthday party for Mary Monday April 16th at 7:30 screening 6 Biograph short films directed by D.W. Griffith, accompanied by the live music of Robert Israel.


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