#HerStory 29: Eleanor of Aquitaine by Ashlie Jensen

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2 thoughts on “#HerStory 29: Eleanor of Aquitaine by Ashlie Jensen

  1. Rebecca,
    I could not be more pleased! Please see what I have to say about the #Herstory Project and this podcast on BeingBess…(I am pressed for time tonight, but I will be in touch soon!)


    -Ashlie of “BeingBess”
    “BeingBess” is dedicated to celebrating the life of Elizabeth Tudor (1533-1603) and the legacy of her reign as Queen of England (1558-1603).


  2. Ashlie,

    I am so happy you are pleased with the project and your episode. Your commitment to good history and inspiring young girls to learn history is so inspiring. I love this episode and you did a fantastic job of a making a woman who lived 1000 years ago relevant to women today!



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