One thought on “#HerStory 46: Zitkala-Sa by Shelby Knox

  1. Thank you for the story. Here's a link that might be great to go with the audio. 🙂 Zitkala Sa –

    This paper examines resistance through a Native Feminist lens, employing the boarding school memoirs of Zitkala-Sa. Within a “story” of appropriation in methodology, it considers protest and parody, and presents archival refusal as modes of resistance to colonial education.

    Native Feminisms; archive; boarding schools; resistance; Zitkala-Sa Native Feminist theory, an emerging intellectual movement developed by Native American and Kanaka Maoli scholars, understands contemporary gender and race
    issues within a context of colonialism. It seeks to center indigeneity and gender as tools of decolonization, recognizing the ways in which colonization instills and continually re-inscribes heteropatriarchy, perpetually naturalizing social hierarchies and heteronormativity within contemporary society. It aims to think beyond what is and has been taken for granted in sovereignty struggles, to reach for a libratory global politic, to re-think nation and nation-states, to interrogate the why and the way knowledge is produced by who and for whom, and to re-imagine methodology in scholarship (Smith and Kauanui 2008). In light of the foregoing, allow me to share two stories about native boarding schools, one refused and one retold, in order to
    consider resistance to colonial education. STORY HERE:


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